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 has been established in Doha, Qatar in 2014 as a wholesale manufacturer of high quality active wear, sportswear, and medicated socks. From its inception, the company has successfully assembled its best in-class management competence with a powerful business model, creating an evident edge over the competition.

Our fast business growth and global market penetration derive from many years of research, investment and development. Today Hawqa is proud to be a forward thinking market leader that blazes new trails in our fast evolving industry. Focusing on core elements like integrity, credibility and excellence, we are able to manufacture high quality exciting products at very affordable prices.

Located in the new industrial area in Doha, Hawqa employs a highly skilled and competent team of experts, with vast knowledge and extended accumulated experience. Their professional specialization spans over all aspects of clothing manufacture, from design and materials sourcing, to production and marketing. Constantly identifying the market’s needs and trends, they have managed to create impressive clothing lines, tailored to our clients’ specific demands.

Hawqa vows to continue its success, strengthening its long business relationships through honesty trust and hard work. We will continue to operate in compliance with applicable industry ethics and standards, ensuring that we have the best qualified and trained professional staff. We will maintain our focus on building close collaborative relationships with global wholesalers, store retailers, and private labelers.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, its outstanding facilities and the strong loyalty of its branded partners, HAWQA is committed to continuing to provide its global oriented services by the highest ethical standards. Many forward-thinking clients have already adopted our products because they have identified our cutting edge advantages. Join them now!


At HAWQA we believe in designs that reflect personality. That’s why one of our prime missions is to produce exclusive brands for unique people, ensuring to keep our clients one step ahead of their competition.

Another important mission at HAWQA is to meet the sports related demands posed by the upcoming Doha World Cup planned for 2022. To achieve this task, we will boost our efforts to offer best-in-class services, based on our experienced and reliable team. We will work closely with our clients in meeting their needs and challenges, striving to fulfill their highest expectations.