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Access to Production Technology


HAWQA’s clothing manufacture is based on the new seamless technology, which eliminates the fabric laying, cutting and sewing process. The seamless technology enables us to produce a multitude of styles and colors, manufacturing beautifully designed products that integrate fashion with functionality. Using specialized circular looms to develop garments, our clothing products adapt perfectly to the body, with unprecedented fit and comfort levels for improved performance.

HAWQA’s advanced seamless knitting machines eliminate the need to sew together pieces of fabric, producing complete garments with minimal or no cutting and sewing processes. This new simplified one-piece production method saves time and labor, increases effectiveness and reduces costs. It also minimizes the risk of defects and damages, providing a more consistent product quality with better looking and better fitting clothing.

Given the huge benefits of the seamless manufacture technology for the functional apparel and medical therapeutic textile sectors, HAWQA specializes and outperforms in these fields. Our functional apparel includes a versatile selection of high quality activewear and sportsware products for health and fitness, as well as highly comfortable work uniforms for improved performance. For the healthcare industry we provide seamless sports socks and diabetic foot socks for various treatments.

HAWQA’s designers utilize the new technology to its fullest potential. Using innovative fashion CAD to pattern making, they are able to create new exciting concepts, fulfilling the customized needs of our clients.