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Automated Integrated Setups


HAWQA utilizes multi-head commercial embroidery machines with digitizing software to improve the visual impact of its products. Our advanced machinery not only improves quality but also prevents the typical downtime experienced when working with traditional machines.

The use of embroidery on clothing is very common these days. The three dimensional printing creates high luster and textured effects. It is associated with quality, adding value to a product in both the visual and tactile fields of consumer appreciation. When producing brand related or custom designs, our embroidery services become essential, increasing the return on investment and adding significant value to each product we manufacture.

The embroidery designs are created by our designers using specialized digitizing software. The designs are then interpreted in stitches by plotting a route that the embroidery machine needles will take when stitching the design and applying machine functions.

Multi-head embroidery machines can work together or independently. What this means is that they can perform different production tasks at the same time, or the same task in large quantities. The machines are very powerful and reliable, being able to make over half million stitches without a thread break. By combining the reliability with the design flexibility and the software automation, HAWQA reaches the unprecedented production levels that have gained our strong reputation.

In addition to our multi-head embroidery machines, we also possess high-speed Direct to Garment printers for mass apparel decoration. The printers are made of strong materials that have passed rigorous inspection. Capable of operating 24/7, our direct to garment printers are the best solution for printing high quantities of tailored clothing with a very fast turnaround.

At HAWQA we also use modern washing methods with automatic ironing and steaming services. Together with the multi-embroidery machines and direct-to-garment printing, HAWQA has positioned itself as a true market leader in our field, with an integrated one-stop solution for all our clients’ clothing needs.