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Designation: Merchandising Supervisor

Job Category: Supervisor

Preferred Educational Qualification: Bachelors/Masters Degree in Merchandising, Fashion merchandising, business, economics and other relevant and applicable merchandising fields.

Experience: 3-5 years

Annual Salary: 50-80k / plus health insurance, accommodation, air tickets.

Key Skills: Seeking a talented candidate with strong merchandising management skills, in-depth industry knowledge, negotiation skills , product quality optimization etc,.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• You are expected to be knowledgeable about company needs and goals shared by your higher authority..
• Must keep a close watch on inventory levels and the needs of clients.
• Monitor sales histories of various products to maximize efficiency of retail space.
• The ability to negotiate favourable terms and to co-ordinate with your higher merchandising authority as a team is a highly desirable quality.
• Plan, execute and lead the team in absence of your higher merchandising authority.
• Carry out fabric quality assurance checks, optimize them, instruct production team, handle and follow up with them regarding production tasks.
• Execution of orders from sampling stage to production to ensure timely delivery.
• Partner closely with higher authority of Merchandising. Assist him/her with merchandising the buy and managing ownership, revisions, requests and deliveries.
• Execute shipping to various parts of the country/world on a timely basis with all necessary international documentation as well as invoices to the team.
• Communicate and solve issues that affect meeting, conferences and deadlines.

Soft Skills:
• Knowledge of fabric and manufacturing process is preferred.
• Strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills with detailed attention to products. Proven ability to prioritize and execute tasks independently, yet demonstrate willingness to solicit direction and advice when circumstances necessitate.
• Ability to communicate and interact with all cross functional teams.
• Well-organised, adaptability, fast learner, energy driven and more importantly a problem solver.

Tags: Merchandising, fashion, fabric, woven, business, economics, sales, marketing, production and manufacturing.


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