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Product Development and Design


At HAWQA we know that great customized designs start with unique creative ideas. But in order to convert those ideas into successful market brands, they need to be produced by the most rigorous manufacture standards. And that’s exactly what we do!

HAWQA specializes in developing outstanding customized designs for both local and global clients. With a talented and highly skilled in-house team of designers, we ensure a smooth transition from concept sketches and sampling to the production of quality clothing lines, labels and brands.

HAWQA offers free designs for private label lines, errors free design mitigation and unlimited samples to meet our clients’ specific needs. Totally committed to quality and perfection, we possess the ability to work on orders of any size. We provide customized uniforms for a wide range of industries and institutions, sportswear for brands and sport clubs, seamless active wear and medicated socks for the healthcare market.

Managing closely the entire manufacture process, our company offers an integrated solution that transforms our clients’ vision and concepts into clothing products they can be proud of. The specifically chosen materials, the innovative machinery and the vast expertise are all combined together to produce state-of-the-art products and achieve full client satisfaction.