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Premium Quality Assurance


One of the key elements that have positioned HAWQA as a leading one-stop resource for customized apparel and medical socks manufacturing is our deep, uncompromised commitment to quality. Our established level of service embraces the highest management standards in our industry, constantly striving to improve.

Being a project-led company, we believe that our cohesive, professional and patient approach to our clients and their projects spans over all our team members and departments. Deeply relying on quality assurance across all our services and processes, we work closely with our clients to build total trust and confidence.

Operating the most advanced machinery and software in our industry, HAWQA guarantees that its staff is fully acquainted with the latest technologies and operates our equipment with absolute responsibility. Our employees are all subject to an ongoing training program that guarantees the highest level of operation. Working in full compliance with the latest market regulations, our clients can rely on us to use the full potential of our machinery, completing projects on time and within budget.

From product design and development to material procurement, manufacture, distribution and sales, we vow to continue to provide the best in class customer service that has built our strong reputation.

You can rest assured that all our staff members have been carefully recruited for their jobs. They are all highly qualified professionals in their fields and they have been rigorously trained to operate our advanced machinery and software.