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Designation: Seamless Socks Engineer

Job Category: Technical Engineer

Preferred Educational Qualification: Bachelors/Masters Degree in Textile Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Material Science or other relevant and applicable technology fields.

Experience: 5-7 years

Annual Salary: $800 -1400 / plus health insurance, air tickets.

Technical Skills: We expect you to posses professional proficiency over skills like fabric construction, CAD software usage, analysis of performance issues, knitting, weaving, cutting, sewing, manufacturing process, printing, dyeing, finishing etc,. Managerial skills along with technical skills are an added advantage.

Roles & Responsibilities:
• Integration of different developmental textile technologies and manufacturing scale-up of similar technologies, inclusign knitting and socks seamless.
• Discovering new technologies, methods and utilizing their potential in future sportswear textile products.
• Willing to work in a research and development driven environment where there is a constant demand for new ideas and inputs to achieve maximum quality and satisfaction in our textile products.
• Tech-managerial skills involving textile detail handling, client handling, fibre technologies, global automotive and fabric construction process, prioritizing requirements, achieving deadlines etc,. are expected.
• Ability to be on the top of general sports design trends and exhibit creativity, innovation and industry aesthetics.
• Proficient/Expert level skills in using CAD software for design.
• Must have in-depth knowledge in fabric costing, approval, testing of new materials, analyse product performance issues, trend analysis and knit design & construction.
• Work with design and development team to create materials that fit the sports trend and industry expectation with new and existing product designs.

Soft Skills:
• Ability to be a team player and work parallel with sales, marketing and other departments.
• Excellent communication skills to handle clients, explain technical queries in lay-man language and make clients feel comfortable about the entire technical process involved in manufacturing our products
• Follow-up with team members and skilled workers involved in core functionalities like weaving, knitting, etc,.

Tags: textile, engineering, engineer, fabric, seamless, knitting, weaving, printing, dyeing, cutting, sewing, material science, 3D, CAD, spinning, seamless, socks and design.


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