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At HAWQA we know perfectly well the meaning of time to delivery. As a leading manufacturer we know that getting your orders on time is critical and that any delays can cause damage and negatively impact your reputation. That’s why HAWQA has built an amazingly fast and efficient packaging system, guaranteeing fast on-time shipping and deliveries.

Today not only HAWQA is committed to deliver products on time, but we also offer free overnight shipping for GCC clients. Order your merchandize today, get it delivered by tomorrow! Together with our free packing services and label tags, we astonish our clients time after time, order after order.

The reason we chose to deliver orders overnight is because it is part of our vision, which is that we need to give our customers what they want when they want it. Our clients can talk to us in real time, shop in real time and now receive our exclusive clothing in what’s pretty close to real time. That’s a really exciting and rare practice in the world of apparel manufacture and ecommerce.

For our international clientele, HAWQA offers discounted shipping & low courier rates.

Contact us if you have any further questions on shipping and delivery issues.